Musings (20) – The Only True Reform

The only real reformation is the return to the Church that never reformed because it never erred. All else is continuous deformation, which they call Semper Reformanda.

We’ve got historical perspective. We have erudition. We now know the truth. We have less and less excuses. Myths are being debunked. Let us have the guts to admit that anti-sacramental Christianity is not Christianity. Let us have the audacity to admit that anti-Eucharistic Christ is not Christ.

Let us kick against the pricks, whatever hard it may be to step upon the self pride.


Musings (18) – Sola Scriptura is the single grand transfer of authority from the legitimate Church to the individual (ab)using it.

Sola Scriptura represents the dissolution of authority into individualism.
Anytime someone claims something, you can square that with (your reading of) Scriptura.
And if it does not fit, it is not Sola. A-HA! Gotcha, Pastor! Scholarship will not save’ya. Charisma will not save’ya. Erudition and charisma is no substitute for legitimate authority.

Sola Scriptura is the single grand transfer of authority from the legitimate Church to the individual (ab)using it.

John Lennon, you are so very outdated. „Power to the people” was invented four hundred (400) years before you, in the melting pot of the Reformation.

Power (to interpret the scripture) to the people! And the people got power indeed.

Now you got it! Now handle it!

The Rites of Manhood: Man’s Need for Ritual


Tradition and ritual are inherent to being human. The most deluded anti-ritualist is the one that forsook the sacred rituals just to unavoidably embrace the rituals of the icon of the age. See Peter Burke’s comment below.

The anti-ritualist denies the unity of man as soul-body, thus the anti-ritualist is a Manichean in disguise, indeed, an iconoclast at large.

A ritual consists of doing something in your mind (and often feeling something in your heart), while simultaneously connecting it to doing something with your body.

When rituals are stripped from our existence, and this fundamental human longing goes unsatisfied, restlessness, apathy, alienation, boredom, rootlessness, and anomie are the result.

The embrace of ritual in the Western World was first weakened by two things: the Protestant Reformation’s movement against icons and ceremonialism and the Enlightenment’s emphasis on rationalism.”

Peter Burke argues, we’ve just replaced old rituals with new ones: “If most people in industrial societies no longer go to church regularly or practice elaborate rituals of initiation, this does not mean that ritual has declined. All that has happened is the new types of rituals—political, sporting, musical, medical, academic and so on—have taken the place of the traditional ones.” But the new rituals – watching sports, attending music festivals, checking Facebook, shopping, visiting a strip club on your 18th birthday — are light on nourishment and do not satisfy.