Growing with fundamentalism

Does anyone remember the news from december 2007 when an american young man killed two workers at a Youth with a Missing training center in Arvada, Colorado, and two persons attending the New Life Church in Springs, Colorado? It was Matthew J. Murray, 24-year-old.

I got today to an extensive report and analysis by Max Blumenthal in The Nation on the background and causes of the shootings.

Read it here: The Nightmare of Christianity (september 2009).

I’ll give you just one quote:

Murray’s real targets were his rigid parents, their draconian childrearing gurus [Bill Gothard] and the prying pastor who raided his room–the architects of his „Christian nightmare.”

A very sad story. While the devil may have his share in this, people (Christians especially) should be brave (and truly godly) enough to admit their (substantial) contribution.