Insription on a T-shirt

I love roman lions

#17 on list 20 coolest atheist T-shirts for sale on the web

What would you say if someone sold T-shirts with the inscription „I love german crematories”?


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  1. atheism has a contemp for human life. but it is an attitude in concordance with its prescription: if there is no god and human are only a product of matter organization anything can be allowed.

  2. I am not sure if atheism has a contempt for all human life. Or it is just a devaluation that comes from the position human has in nature, in the atheist system of thought.

    And while in principle is true that if we are just organized matter anything is allowed, ateists do not act according to this principle.

    In this case, the t-shirt message is despicable, though. This tells me that there is enough evil in humans to do to Christians (or to other groups) the same the romans did to Christians in the first century. And those who wear these shirts would be proud of displaying the message. This might be the christian equivalent of ‘you will burn in hell’.

  3. would you say that these message may show a first century thinking? or that they are more scoffing than trying to send a serious message?

    „This might be the christian equivalent of ‘you will burn in hell’.”
    – this is an interesting thing to think about.

  4. I think it is scoffing, and in the same time serious, in the deep sense, that there are people that really hate Christianity as much as to wish Christians the same now as what happened to 1st century Christians (though most Christians died from persecution in the 20th century than in all others, or so I read).

    While Christians have a mean to escape the consequences of the evil in them (or the evil that is tempting them), the atheists have none, finally. So in the end they MUST be much more aggresive, verbally at least, to those whom they hate.

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